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Swedish Massage – Our Most Popular

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The mode of massage that is most popular and what people think about most often when referring to a massage in general,  is Swedish Massage Therapy. Of all the different massage modalities, Swedish massage is clearly the most popular. The reason to get  a Swedish massage is for relaxation of the whole body and renewal of the body, emotions and mind. It is an experience away from the cares of the world and the stresses of our hectic lifestyles.

The Swedish massage itself consists of rubbing the body muscles in long smooth strokes which go in the same direction as the flow of blood going back to the heart. Both the process of the massage and the tranquil environment contribute to additional benefits such as an increased amount of oxygen in the blood. In this method Swedish massage reduces the toxins from the muscles with this extra circulation and thereby helps reduce tension and increase flexibility.

There have been a number of carefully conducted scientific studies which show that a relaxing Swedish massage of 45-60 minutes create for the large majority of participants, a significant decrease in the stress producing hormone called cortisol. The participants also had a noted increase in their lymphocytes. They are a significant contributor in the well being of the immune system which fights off colds, flu and other disease.

Before and During Your Session Swedish Massage Therapy..
It is important both before and during the therapy to communicate openly with your therapist. In addition to the techniques previously mentioned, there may be included by the professional therapist other methods of massage to customize your session to your particular needs. These can include circular hand motions with light to medium pressure, the use of the hands, fingers, palms and even elbows to apply the right consistency of stress reducing friction and pressure with the ultimate goal of bringing you a maximum amount of renewing relaxation.