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“Prostate Massage Therapy”

Prostate Massage Therapy is another high and increasingly often searched term on the internet as the average age of the male population gets older.  Most men over 50 have problems associated with their prostate gland and their is a significant growing body of knowledge showing that properly performed prostrate massage is a very helpful treatment.

Direct Prostate Massage is the gentle rubbing of the prostate gland typically performed by a doctor, physician’s assistant or registered nurse during a man’s digital rectal examination. It is commonly used to generate prostatic fluid so that it can be analyzed.
The direct or indirect stimulation of the prostate is believed by many to have benefits associated with reducing PSA levels and the pain and size of an enlarging prostate.  Many in the medical field, still are of the opinion that for actual prostate cancer treatment, prostate massage is a one of a large body of ineffective alternative medicine cancer treatments.
A direct prostate massage therapy is similar to a DRE (Direct Rectal Exam) and has a variety of benefits but it should only be performed by a trained and knowledgeable medical practitioner.  It is believed by many that an indirect stimulation of the prostate can also provide significant benefits including improved urine flow and reduction in pain caused by an enlarged prostate gland. Indirect prostate massage therapy involves the gentle stimulation of the prostate gland through a slight to moderate pressure applied to the perineum during a regular massage, performing a lymphatic massage in the inguinal area and applying indirect pressure to prostate through the abdomen.  When massage is done in the inguinal and perineum areas, it is helpful for the therapist to have charts available and important to have good communication about what the massage will entail. It is critical that the client is both comfortable with the stategy and that they are clear that this is for medical benefit only.   Careful and proper draping while doing any massage in the area of the groin can help avoid any misunderstanding about the purpose. This portion of a massage on a male should be done with the utmost of professionalism and If any sexual connotations are made by the client the therapist should put a stop to work in this area immediately.
The indirect massage or stimulation of the prostate can have similar effects as the direct method and can result in a lower BHP, reduced pain in the prostate or during urination and a reduction in urination frequency.  Some practitioners and clients feel that the ideal period between indirect prostate massages should be in the neighborhood of every 5-10 days.  While many people feel strongly that there is significant antidotal evidence supporting this type of massage, it is clearly an area where more extensive scientific study needs to be done in order to come to any statistically proven solutions.