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Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage

are synonymous terms used by clients, practitioners, marketers, suppliers, business people, researchers and others when looking for a broad array of information about the professional (non-sexually related) massage industry.
At it’s core, massage therapy refers to the purposeful manipulation of the soft muscles and other tissues of the body. The technique involves manually applying pressure of varying degrees in either a static or moving manner. Several different methods are used including pressing, stroking, sliding, kneading, pushing, pulling, squeezing, pinching and stretching. These manipulations are done with care and knowledge in order to comfortably provide the clients with a variety of benefits.

By manually manipulating the flow of blood and the drainage of lymph in the body, the massage therapist helps relieve tension in the muscles, have an affect the well being by sedating or stimulating the nervous system and enhancing the healing of both the mind and the body. Among the benefits commonly associate with massage manipulation and therapy are:

Massage Therapy Benefits

  • Increased mental capacity while promoting whole body and mind relaxation
  • Accelerated healing of injuries to the tissues like sprained ligaments, pulled muscles and a reduction of swelling and pain associated with these injuries.
  • Helps reduce scar tissue associated with bodily soft tissue damage.
  • Muscle spasm relief.
  • Facilitates easier and deeper breathing for better oxygenation of the blood.
  • Improves range of motion of joints and muscles and increases flexibility.
  • Provides an effective tool to reduce and manage both mental and physical stress.
  • Significantly reduces anxiety levels.
  • Promotes a greater connection and awareness between mind and body.
  • Improves nourishment and health of the body’s largest organ – the skin.
  • Typically provides relief from eyestrain, headaches and other conditions related to tension.
  • Significantly improves lymph flow and drainage as well as blood circulation.
  • Promotes mind and body relaxation and stess reduction.
  • Helps promote better posture by changing and eliminating undesirable tension patterns.
  • Generates a feeling of being cared for, pampered and an over all sense of well being.
  • Improves and makes eaiser the movement and efficiency of muscles and joints.
  • other health related massage therapy benefits