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Massage Therapy Near Me

“Massage Therapy Near Me” is one of the most sought after inquiries pertaining to the massage industry when users enter a query into a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  If a person were in Angleton, Texas for example and did that search they would get a somewhat different set of results than if they did a search for “Angleton Massage Therapy”.

In either case the challenge is that the search results are of varied and questionable usefulness.  The search engines are getting better at giving us what we want but as a general rule the results include a wide array of Ads that pertain to anything massage related that may be near or far from your location, Local listings which at least show some (or all) of the massage therapy related services that actually have a physical presence in your town or zip code.

Following the results from the local listings, you get a wide variety of websites – many of them “finder sites” that try and list the local businesses of the category you want.  These usually come in two varieties – an advertising service where the business pays for ads ( like for example) or a number of other sites that try and send your information to one or more providers in return for a paid commission from them. An examples of this type of sites is:


The Problem

Before the introduction of the Angleton Massage cooperative concept, it was a nightmare to sort through the various websites – many of them listing massage therapists that are no longer in business or who have moved.

The Solution

Here at Angleton Massage, it is our goal to have listed the name and contact information for licensed massage therapist in the Angleton, Texas area.  This makes it easy for you to find, contact and book a therapist easily and report your experiences for others to use as they make their decisions as well.

Please let the therapist know that you found them at Angleton Massage.  Enjoy!