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Chapman Reflexes – Lymphatic Massage Therapy

While performing lymphatic massage therapy, there are a group of points on our bodies known as Chapman’s reflexes. These spots are particularly responsive to being held and lightly stimulated and when done, this stimulation promotes the drainage of fluids from the lymphatic system in certain areas. It relaxes the associated nerves that are tightening around and blocking various “downspouts” which are the body’s return and cleansing channels for the lymphatic fluid.

When there is blockage in these downspouts, we often become stiff and sore, gain weight and over time can develop joint problems. By massaging and rubbing these areas with firm pressure, Chapman discovered that you could obtain a reduction and/or eradication of soreness and pain from those areas.

There are some important points to keep in mind. These Chapman points should not feel tender at all but if there is pain or swelling involved, some of the points may be a little painful. If this is the case, it is usually best to start in the higher chest areas where the points have the greatest proximity to the major channels of lymph drainage.

If you start by gently pressing the tender area with the finger pads, you can locate the spot that is most tender.  I can often feel a little like a mild bee sting and is usually located on the top part of a bone. Once found, you should stimulate the area to a tolerable degree for about a minute and then bring the pressure down for 4 to 5 minutes. This holding should be done until you feel a sensation like a gentle pulsation with the fingers. When this is self-administered, it can be done daily and the lymph can drain from those spots.

Care should be taken when doing lymphatic drainage massage. If you feel any flu-like symptoms or nausea or any discomfort in the liver area (on the right side just below the ribs), then stop the lymphatic massage because the lymph that is being releasing is toxic and putting a strain on the liver. It is best to take about a month off during which time you do a very gentle liver cleanse  before continuing with the lymphatic massage therapy.