Join Angleton Massage - How It Works

Join Angleton Massage – How It Works

If you are an excellent (much better than average) certified massage therapist and licensed in the state of Texas who is currently practicing in the Angleton, Lake Jackson or Brazoria County areas, then you might qualify to join the select small group of other superior massage therapy practitioners at Angleton massage.

We are always interested in discussing a mutually beneficial working relationship with highly qualified and licensed massage practitioners who:

  • Have a deep passion for serving their clients with professionalism, caring and sensitivity.
  • Have a strong commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Respect their client’s time, privacy and personal situation.
  • Prefer to be spending their time with their clients or loved ones rather than marketing and promoting their business.
  • Know what a “Win-Win” business arrangement is and only want to work with that type of relationship.

Why become one of the Angleton Massage Team?

  • You keep all of the independence you currently have but also take Angleton Massage appointments at times that you want,
  • You are under no obligation to take any appointments from us, but if you do, then there is a commission that you pay to us for bringing you high quality business.
  • Once you have become comfortable with the abundance of quality business we generate for you, you can then cut down on your other marketing efforts and expenses in order to increase the quality of your life and your bottom line.
  • We work with you on an honor system. If we bring you new business, the first appointment with them is a $20 investment.
  • If one of your previous clients is looking elsewhere (they don’t book with you directly) and we catch their attention and bring you an appointment with them again, then the fee is just $7
  • You enter a¬†beautiful “win-win” partnership arrangement with us. If we bring you no business you pay us nothing. If we act as a good marketing and booking partner with you and bring you more business, you pay our very reasonable fees.

If you meet these qualifications then send us an email and tell us about yourself and your goals. ( See our contact page)