Angleton Massage - Aromatherapy.


Aromatherapy massage takes all of the benefits of a good therapeutic massage and enhances them with an ever increasing in popularity, process of including the oils found in nature from plant parts including stems, flowers, bark, roots, and leaves etc.  These extractions, mixed with the massage oils create a type of alternative medicine that relieves pain, elevates mood, and generally heightens both the physical and psychological well being of individuals often including a noticeable improvement of cognitive functioning.

It is believed that benefits come form the ingesting of theses “essential oils”  from the inhaling of the aroma to stimulate both physical and mental well being as well as by absorption through the skin. When these oily stimulants are absorbed, into the bloodstream, they travel everywhere the blood flows and thus provide for the whole-body healing experience that is felt so often with this type of treatment.

There are books written on the variety of oils and substances that can be used and the proposed properties of each – many going back in history for many thousands of years. One of the books that is a good starting place for someone wanting to delve into the art and science of aromatherapy more thoroughly is: Aromatherapy Massage from Head to Toe.