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Angleton Massage 

Includes some of the best therapeutic massage and wellness specialists in Texas. It is our goal to give both an amazing experience and extra ordinarily high value for our clients.

If you are a returning client, you may wish to have the same wonderful massage therapist who you have had before. If so, just mention their name at the time you call and ask for an appointment with them.  If you are a new client, we will do everything within our power to book you with one of our excellent therapists when and where it would be best for you. We are passionate about giving you the best possible relaxing and pain relieving experience and we strive diligently to exceed your expectations.

We love our clients and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can do to improve.



Ultimate Relation Massage For Men and Women

Various massage therapy services that may be available for your healing or relaxation session at Angleton Massage include:

Acupressure:… get more details on Acupressure
Aromatherapy …. read more about the practice of Aromatherapy
Bio-Mechanics: is the examination of the action of forces (both internal and external) pertaining to the living human body.
Body Talk: Is a very effective yet simple and safe holistic form of health care and healing. It is focused on energy and has been proven effective through many scientific studies and much anecdotal evidence. BodyTalk synchronizes the natural functions within the body – in order to gain growth and healing on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels.
Chair Massage: Here is a good video demonstration the chair massage
Chapman Reflexes (lymphatic drainage)Lymphatic massage therapy … read more
Cranial Sacral Therapy.… read more:
Cupping Therapy:
Deep Tissue Massage
Ear Candling
Hot and Cold Stone Massage
Therapeutic Massage with Hot Lava Shells
Hot Rock Therapy
Light Touch Therapy:
Lomi Lomi
Lymph Drainage Therapy
Massage Therapy: There are many benefits to massage therapy …read more

Medical Massage
Pregnancy Massage Therapy
Reflexology – What Reflexology is why is it practiced? …. read more
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage – The Most Popular: Swedish Massage …read more
Trigger Point



Within the Angleton, Lake Jackson and Brazoria County area

we have a wide variety of Licensed Massage Therapists with various training and experience including: Certified Medical Massage Therapist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Sclerologist, Certified Herbologist, Certified Iridologist, Certified Aromatheripist, Certified Reflexologist

Angleton Massage The Source Of Ultimate Relaxation

Our Team Of Outstanding Massage Therapists

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Swedish Massage         Therapeutic Massage     Maternity/ Masseuse         Deep Tissue / Sports / Multi – Mode Massage


Chauntel Simon - LMT

Chauntel- massage therapist